Because of all the upgrades to the Outryders website and platform, and the 2.5 years of starts and stops with the ski and boarding seasons, EVERYONE must sign up as a NEW MEMBER. Please review all the different membership levels below and choose the one that best fits your needs. We worked hard to keep the costs as low as possible while still providing an excellent season full of events, swag, and trips!


Member Login

If you have already signed up as a new member for the 2022-23 season, please click here to log into your account.

Check out the various membership levels available below and choose which level is right for you. OutRyders strives to provide the best skiing/snowboarding opportunities to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. OutRyders helps members get great prices on lodging and lift tickets - love those group rates! All membership fees are used for member parties, raffle prizes, member hotel rates, and any other fun thing we can think of.

Expert Membership

The Expert Membership level is for those benefactors that want all that the other levels offer, PLUS:

  • are interested in donating extra to help with infrastructure improvements (developing an app, etc)
  • scholarship fund (to be announced later this year)
  • concierge service on trips
  • recognition on website as an OutRyders benefactor
  • A board member ski-along. This will help OutRyders continue to grow and better serve the needs of the LGBTQ+ community
  • 2 event guest passes*
  • 2 trip guest passes*

Note: It is mandatory to be a paid member to attend any event other than the opening party.

*guest passes allow access to events/trips for NON-members. All fees and tickets costs apply.

Expert Membership suggests a $250 donation or higher.


Steps to becoming a member

  • Review our membership page
  • Choose your membership level
  • Pay the membership dues
  • Join us for a great time!

"I just moved from the west coast and the first thing I did was go to an Outryders ski trip. I met friends that first weekend that are my best friends still. I've skied all over the Northeast and West with them. I'm thankful for Outryders for being so welcoming and fun."

- Steven, Boston, MA